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barrett-communcations-logo-1Barrett Communications HF

Barrett Communications designs and manufactures HF radio equipment for specialized, autonomous (infrastructure independent), short, medium and long distance radio communications for commercial and tactical use.  Barrett’s HF equipment ranges from basic voice to data, email, fax, GPS Tracking and telephone to radio interconnect.


Barrett Communications VHF

Barrett Communications designs and manufactures VHF radio equipment specifically for tactical use. The Barrett PRC-2080 VHF system includes squad, brigade, base and mobile transceivers and rebroadcast units. This equipment provides digital voice, encryption, frequency hopping, data, positional awareness and rebroadcast capability.

NVIS Communications, LLC is the North American Integrator and Training Provider for Barrett Communications.


icom-logo-1ICOM Inc.

Icom Inc. is an international manufacturer of Land Mobile, Avionic, Marine, and Amateur Radio Equipment and Systems.



kenwood-communications-logo-1Kenwood Communications

Kenwood USA is a manufacturer of Land Mobile Portables, Mobiles and Custom Systems for first responders, business and industry, and amateur radio operators on the forefront of civilian emergency response.



antenna-products-logo-1Antenna Products Corporation

Antenna Products Corporation is a world-leading provider of antennas for use in communication, navigation, RFID and machine-to-machine (M2M) networking, serving several industry segments including military, government, transportation and wireless infrastructure.



COBHAM is leading manufacturer of advanced, high-performance communication, navigation and GPS antennas for Military, Civil and Para-Military applications.



SMC – South Midlands Communications

SMC designs and manufactures highly efficient and reliable HF, MF, VHF and Microwave Antennas that rate high in quality and performance and are responsive in the most challenging environments.




Globalstar is a provider of mobile and fixed satellite telephones, and simplex and duplex satellite data modems.  Globalstar provides satellite phone coverage to users in more than 120 countries around the world.



c-at-1C-AT, Communications – Applied Technology, ICRI Radio Interoperability

Communications-Applied Technology designs and manufactures the IRCI – Radio Interoperability Gateway providing Tactical, Interoperable Communications for Emergency and Disaster Response Teams.  ICRI facilitates the interconnectivity of HF/UHF/VHF Radios, Cell, Landline, VoIP and Satellite Phones.



REDCOM develops and manufactures digital and IP-enabled telecommunications systems for commercial carriers, utilities, emergency response and defense applications.  REDCOM products include public and private network systems, ISDN systems, legacy systems, and IP/VoIP based systems.


telex-logo-1TELEX Communications

Telex Communications is a manufacturer of IP control for two-way radio communications.  Telex converts audio and control functions from analog or digital to Ethernet packets that can be transported via LAN, WAN, 802.11 wireless, satellite, and the Internet.



tcc-1TCC – Technical Communications Corporation

TCC specializes in military-grade secure encryption systems and solutions that protect highly sensitive voice, data and video information transmitted over a wide range of networks (AES Equivalent).



Telsy offers a combination of advanced techniques of vocal signal processing, highly specialized modems for transmission on narrow bands (HF, VHF, UHF and SAT vectors) together with the most advanced cryptographic techniques (AES & DES).



hal-logo-1HAL Communications

HAL Communications is a leader in the development of high quality hardware and software radio data communication products used in networks covering large geographic regions.



rapidm_standard_with_slogan_small-1RapidM – Radio Data Modem

RapidM manufactures modems and software with NATO and MIL standards for interoperable HF radio.  Their products include embedded and desktop modems with ALE (Automatic Link Establishment).  NVIS Communications LLC is proud to represent RapidM to all US Army and Air Force MARS and Canadian Forces CFARS.




Star Solutions is the pioneer in All-IP based wireless infrastructure technologies. For over 14 years, Star Solutions has been a global leader in network infrastructure products with a core mission to enable CDMA and GSM wireless operators to reach their customers using Internet Protocol technology.




GETAC designs rugged notebooks and laptops that include sunlight readability, thermal heat dissipation, power management with unique technologies like night vision and salt fog protection.  GETAC’s computers are engineered to protect against drops, shocks, spills, vibration, dust and moisture.



SEALEVEL Systems provides innovative hardware and software products that combine the reliability of a PLC with the configurability of an industrial computer.  SEALEVEL’s touch panel computers are designed to operate over wide temperatures without fans or other moving parts.



pepro-1PEPRO – Pioneer Engineer Products

PEPRO’s patented technology creates a Faraday Cage shield, for both Integrated Fixed Sites and Mobile Sites that offer protection from lightning strikes, Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP), Electromagnetic Interference (EMI), and Radio Frequency Interference (RFI).  PEPRO mobile radio sites are designed for emergency temporary communications, portable mobile communications, incident command posts, remote base stations and Mobile Tower Units (MTU) and other unique applications.